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Join the Hope Team

We're building a stronger community one person at a time.

Join us.

We believe strong whānau are at the heart of strong and thriving communities, so we champion stronger communities by walking alongside one person at a time, one whanau at a time. 

You can help change an entire community

You can help bring hope to an entire community by financially supporting one individual, one family, one programme, or an entire programme. Join our Community Link Trust Hope Team and choose the area you want to impact. Hope Team members receive regular updates on the impact their support is having. All giving is fully tax deductible. 

Where will your dollars go?


  • Support for those in foster care

  • Mentoring young people with Whānau in prison

  • Diverting behaviour of those at risk of offending

  • Providing hope for children living with abuse/neglect/poverty\

  • Assistance to recover from self-harm

  • Support to stay and thrive in education

  • Skills to build self-esteem and prosocial skills

  • Building life and work-ready skills



  • Supporting parents with children in the justice system

  • Coaching for managing children with challenging behaviours

  • Support in managing mental health and addiction challenges

  • Teaching life skills to build a stable home

  • Intensive in-home mentoring


Crisis Intervention/ Practical support

  • Emergency food

  • Financial mentoring

  • Provision of household essentials

  • Relocating displaced families



  • Mental health challenges

  • Addiction support

  • Trauma/ PTSD

  • Domestic violence 

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