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You are invited to our next Whanau Night event at the newly opened Ninja Valley!

Your kids will gain skills in strength, ability, perseverance and self-confidence, while you can enjoy some space to grow in your parenting with other like-minded parents. 

The kids will get some training by the Ninja crew with our staff supervising, while you get inspiration and helpful strategies upstairs in the workshop. At the end of the short workshop, you will join your kids out in the arena for a fun family building session.

Each event will cover a different topic all with the ultimate goal of strengthening whanau through parenting tools and intentional quality time. We'll learn new ways of doing family life better and healthier, and come away as stronger parents together. 

This event is free but you must register so make sure you book now at this link. 

Don't forget - kids and parents will need to purchase/bring your Ninja Valley socks to play in the Ninja Arena.

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