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CommunityLink Trust supports and strengthens our community by responding to needs, challenges and opportunities. We offer practical solutions for families and individuals facing challenging life issues.

  • BudgetLink
    "Before coming to BudgetLink I was overwhelmed with bills. I felt depressed, voiceless and taken advantage of. The help and support that I received from BudgetLink gave me the confidence to sort out my debts. I now have enough money for food each week, and I am doing so much better."
  • ParentLink
    "It's nice to know the struggles I go through with my three year old are normal"
    MOPS Programme
    (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • FoodLink
    "Wow, we haven't had shampoo for three months and this food will help us get through the week. Thank you!"
  • BudgetLink
    "Before everything was very hard but now I can see what a good budget looks like and I'm taking the steps to change"
  • PropertyLink
    "It was amazing to have the PropertyLink man knock on my door and offer to mow my lawns - Thank you so much!"
  • Teenlink
    "At the beginning of the year my mum was dying and I was really scared and angry. I didn’t know how to express my feelings so I bullied other kids and acted out. My mentor helped me figure out better ways to deal with my feelings. Now I am kind to the other kids, and have become the class leader!"
    (Girl, 11 year old)
  • TeenLink
    "TeenLink has taught me how to deal with my anger and not swear as much. I like having someone to talk to"
    (15 year old)

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