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What we do.

Ō mātou mahi.

Community Link Trust strengthens communities through practical whānau and youth support services that bring hope, transform lives and change the future.

Rangatahi Mentoring

Our youth mentoring program provides one-to-one mentoring for at-risk rangatahi who need support, guidance, and restored hauora and hope. Our team of passionate well-trained mentors journey with young people to help them achieve their goals, and find their identity and place in the world. They help them work through their trauma, create healthier mindsets and relationships, and make better life choices.


In-School Mentoring

Our well-established in-school mentoring program has been running in local schools for over five years, supporting young people facing challenges to engage with education and improve school attendance. We partner with local schools to support tamariki struggling with self-confidence, self-harm, abuse, and emotional and behavioural challenges. Our experienced, well-trained, mentors provide support external to the school to help tamariki feel safe, listened to and cared for.

Parent Mentoring

Our unique parent mentoring program provides intensive wraparound support to whanau who are overwhelmed, struggling, or facing challenging situations. Being a parent can be tough, and for some it can feel impossible. We work with families to help them develop workable strategies to achieve their goals and create the healthy family dynamic they dream of.


Financial Mentoring

Our highly-trained financial mentors provide support, perspective and advocacy to individuals and families wanting assistance to manage their finances. We create a personal plan based on their unique situation to help them get out of debt, learn how to budget, and journey towards a brighter financial future. We help them get back in the driver’s seat of their life and work towards achieving their financial hopes and dreams.

The Phoenix Project

This fully piloted new programme gives high-risk, disengaged high school-aged rangatahi the support, self-belief and skills they need to transition to a more positive future. Designed to support the growing number of our most at-risk youth who have slipped through the gaps in our education and societal systems, the Phoenix Project provides an opportunity for at-risk rangatahi to come into a whānau-centred environment where they can process their past and gain new life skills and confidence.



Our social enterprise PropertyLink provides professional building and property services for homes and commercial properties. Their services include building and refreshing decks, fencing, water blasting, painting, renovations, gutter cleans, yard clean-ups, renovations and painting. 100% of their profits go towards funding the whanau and youth support services we run. You can help make a difference by choosing PropertyLink for your maintenance services.

What we can help with

Youth and Whanau Mentoring

If you would like support or further information please fill in a contact form for further information.

Financial mentoring 

This is a free service available through us. Please contact here to make an appointment

Referral Links:


  • For Emergency Food Assistance please contact Here to Help U – 0800 568 273

  • Emergency Mental health support. If you need someone to talk to for immediate support  –  Call Lifeline Aotearoa  - 0800 543 354

  • For Female support for victims of abuse – Call Waikato Womens Refuge – 07 855 1569

  • For Male support for victims of abuse – Call Male Support Services Waikato – 07 858 4112

  • For other General info call Citizens Advice Bureau Hamilton – 07 839 0395 or 0800 367 222

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