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Empowerment for life-long change: 
A fresh approach

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In 2021 we re-assessed our services and programmes with the goal of finding solutions to bring individuals and families permanently out of generational poverty and into prosperity in all areas of their lives. 

After a considerable amount of research, assessment, workshopping and piloting, we’re pleased to now be

operating under a new model

which is bringing incredible results. 

To find out more contact:

Moetu Smith
Teen Link
022 622

Astra Patmore
Parent Link
021 226 7469

Josh Llewell
School Holiday Programme

022 176 2340

2022 Service Summary

Our NEW Support Model

•   Wraparound services for 
     long-term success
•   Bespoke focus on individual
     goals and needs



•   In-Home caregiver mentoring 
     (includes emergency housing)
•   Wananga Day programme
•   Empowering families with tools

     &  support at critical times
•   Whole-Family coaching 


•   In-School & community mentoring
•   School holiday programme
•   Alternative Education
•   Life-skill preparation
•   Passion & career discovery 
•   Self & relational development
•   Trained male & female mentors


•   Financial mentoring & debt                 advocacy
•   Emergency relief 
•   Business start-up mentoring and       microloans  



•   Crisis support for clients
•   Links to wraparound services


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